Terms of purchase


All sales in store accept cash or credit cards.

We accept all cards except American Express.

Delivery within Sweden

SMALL PACKAGES - Smaller packaces are expidited by car to all of Sweden with advance payment. All shipping costs are paid by the recipient. Small packages are sent using Schenker to the closest delivery point. Price 100 SEK. Shipping takes 3-4 working days. Purchases over 1000 SEK get free shipping if they can be sent as a small package using Schenker.

LARGER GOODS - Larger items that cannot be sent as a package are expidited by car using Schenker. Costs are between 300-500 SEK depending on the weight and size of the item. This shipping method can only be used within Sweden.

HOME DELIVERY - We can also drive your items directly to your door ourselves. This costs 50 SEK/10KM. This option has to be ordered through the phone or through e-mail. Delivery occurs on date decided mutually. We cannot drive to counties too far away from the store, if you want to know how far we drive please call and ask.

FURNITURE - Some larger furniture cannot be sent through Schenker at all and must be either sent through HOME DELIVERY or be picked up here at the store. 

PICK UP - If you want to pick up items from our store yourself you have 1 month to do so. If the items aren't picked up within 1 month you have to option to either pay the shipping cost for the item and have it delivered as normal or pay a storage charge of 395 SEK/month until the item is collected. Please note that this storage charge is not voided if you cancel your order of the item. 

If your item is delayed, or you have other questions you're welcome to contact us at info@nostalgiladan.se or 011-242785.

Delivery internationally

As of now we do not have any shipping solutions for international buyers. 

If you're interested in an item on our site and want to buy it call us at +4611242785 or email us at info@nostalgiladan.se and we'll do our best to help you.


Businesses have the option of paying by invoice.

This requires that the company is F-tax approved.

Right to withdraw and Reclamation

All purchases through our site come with a full 14-day withdrawal period, starting the day the package arrives.

To return an item, send it to till Melby Landsjö 2, 610 20 Kimstad and email info@nostalgiladan.se or call 011-242785 so we know it's on its way.

Second-hand and antique items may be worn or damaged. All damages we are aware of are available in item descriptions on the site or clearly shown in pictures of the item. If you find a fault with the item that was not in the description, clearly shown on an image or discussed over e-mail you have the right to reclaim the item. This fault must have been present before the item was bought or come to be during transportation. Nostalgiladan is not obliged to accept reclamations for damages that was descripbed in the object description. If you wonder anything about a certain object or your right to reclaim an item you are welcome to contact us at info@nostalgiladan.se or +4611242785.

When reclaiming an item you must email info@nostalgiladan.se with images and a description of the fault. If you do not have the option to email us you may call +4611242785 during business hours and we'll assist you over the phone.

We at Nostalgiladan refund the cost for shipping the item to the store during a reclamation, however we cannot come get it ourselves. It is the buyers responsibility to make sure the item gets returned to the store. After this we'll inspect the object and if the fault is there refund you for your purchase.